Top 5 Best Photo Backup Gadgets that Keep Your Data Safe & Make Your Life Easier

I Tested the Most Popular Photo Backup Devices

Some time ago I realized that my photos were not longer safe on my computer. I came to this conclusion when I read a news article about how many computers, phones, and other devices crash every year – and how, more importantly, thousands of crucial memories are lost.
While reading this article, I was taken back to a recent family vacation. During this time I took hundreds of happy pictures of my children, grandchildren, and husband enjoying the sunny beaches of Florida. It was truly an experience like no other.
Then I imagined all of those photo memories being lost… I had to find a way to save them. 
As an investigative journalist by nature, my instincts kicked in. I researched the best photo sticks, but there weren’t any honest reviews written. Many of them sounded bias, looked spammy, or seemed like scam products. I came to the conclusion that I had to write my own honest review of the best photo backup drives on the market.
If you’re like I was, you’re searching to find the best way to keep your memories safe from loss. I hope this article will help you make an educated and satisfying buying decision.

So, without further ado, I’ve spent 3 weeks testing over 15 different photo backup gadgets available on the market. Scroll down to see the top three winners.

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Why Is The Photo Stick Our #1 Pick of 2022?

What I like – 

  • ➡️ Save up to 120,000 photos & videos – never see “Storage Full” again. 
  • ➡️ Incredible value for your money.
  • ➡️ Trusted by over 1.5 million customers.
  • ➡️Easy to use – plug it in, then Backup!
  • ➡️ Multiple backup solutions.
  • ➡️ Accessible Universally.
  • ➡️ Multiple Files Compatible.
  • ➡️ Supports Multiple Languages.

What I dislike – 

  • ➡️ Doesn’t work with Linux operating system.
  • ➡️Quite small physically – easy to misplace if you’re not careful

A Complete Review - What is ThePhotoStick OMNI?

I was heartbroken when I lost my most precious photo of my father… until this simple little device gave it back.

Last year for Christmas, my kids bought me the most thoughtful present… which ALMOST ended up being the gift of nightmares.

After complaining, I kept old family photos “tucked away in shoeboxes,” they had my precious memories converted into digital form… where they would, in theory, be kept for safekeeping.

It was great at first – I could finally share all my favorite memories from throughout the years! My son’s first steps… the day my husband won the state bowling tournament… decades of memories were suddenly at my fingertips.

But then something terrible happened. I was looking for one of my favorite photos of my father… and I couldn’t find it.

It was the last photo taken of him with his great-granddaughter Ashley before he passed away. In the picture, he’s hugging Ashley with his gift from her (you can’t see it, but it was a macaroni necklace that says “I love you, grandpa”). It’s one of the last times I saw his smile…

We had no idea this would be their last Christmas together. I still have that macaroni necklace… but the photo – which is far more precious to me – was gone. I was heartbroken and felt helpless.

“Maybe it’s in another folder,” I thought to myself. So I started looking… and with each empty folder, my heart sunk further. I began to feel the tears build as my throat swelled up. “It can’t be gone… can it?!”

I swear, I looked through every single folder on my phone and computer – three times. I even called the company who digitized my memories to ensure they hadn’t forgotten it… but they confirmed that the file had been uploaded to my computer.

Slowly, the truth started to hit me: That precious memory of my father was lost forever… and I didn’t even know what had happened.

Did I delete it by mistake? Move it somewhere else? “Corrupt the file” – whatever that means? I simply don’t know enough about computers to say for sure.

Not only did I lose the photo, I felt like I was letting my father down. I would NEVER have risked that photo… because I know I’ll never get to create another one. Yet there I was, completely lost and feeling helpless.

That’s when I discovered the REST of my Christmas gift…

When I called my kids – in tears, might I add – and told them what happened, they laughed.

“Huh? What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You didn’t see ThePhotoStick OMNI we left you!? It has everything on it… I’m sure dad’s photo is there,” my daughter reassured me.

I didn’t even know what ThePhotoStick OMNI was!! I thought the whole point of moving those photos to my computer was to keep those memories safe. I didn’t know there were additional precautions I was supposed to take!

“It’s in the top drawer,” my son told me. “Just plug it in. They’re all there!”

Sure enough, I plugged it into my computer…, and a few seconds later, ALL of my photos and videos were right there in front of me – including the one I had “lost forever.”

It was amazing! They were even organized in some particular program, making them all easy to find.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief – then chuckled. But how did they do this?!

Well, I’ll be darned… It turns out my kids are even more intelligent than I thought. They knew I might have an accident (we still don’t know exactly what happened), so they backed all my files up beforehand – using this little device called ThePhotoStick OMNI.

Even better, they showed me how to use it, so I never have to worry about losing my photos OR videos again. Most importantly, it’s straightforward to use – if you’re like me and can’t afford to lose your precious memories, then pick one for yourself as well.


  • Will the PhotoStick Omni help me recover old photos?

The PhotoStick Omni does not recover old photos not stored in the device. All you need to connect your mobile or tablet to the PhotoStick Omni, and your photos and videos are forever protected.

  • How many photos and videos can the PhotoStick Omni store?

This highly depends on how many photos and videos are stored on your device. The 128GB version can hold up to 60,000 photos, files, and videos of about 2 megabytes each. The 256GB version can store up to 120,000 pictures and videos. The manufacturers made available different versions and sizes to meet the needs of other persons.

  • Is The PhotoStick OMNI easy to use?

To use this device, you simply need to plug it into your computer then let it scan, retrieve and store your videos, photos, and other files.

You can use the PhotoStick Omni right out of the box. Just follow the steps on this article depending on the device you wish to back your files from. This product works well regardless of the type of this in view solo long as it’s compatible with USB.

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