Top 5 Best Cordless Head Shavers for Bald Men

Updated: July 18th, 2023

For many men, the day they start to lose their hair is a day they’ll never forget. For some, it’s a gradual process that happens over time. For others, it seems to happen overnight. And for a few unlucky guys, they start to lose their hair in their early teens. Regardless of when you start to lose your hair, it’s a tough pill to swallow. The thought of hair loss is frightening. However, having a quick way to shave your head can help enhance confidence and provide a clean, polished look.

There are a few different ways to go about shaving your head bald. You can use a standard razor and shaving cream, an electric shaver, or a specialty head shaver. In this overview, we’ve tried and tested the most popular bald head shavers. We’ll also be recommending our favorite!

The BaldiePro fits comfortably in your hands and can shave your head bald in just a few minutes’ time. Whether you’ve been shaving your head for years or just starting out, it’s virtually impossible to mess up the final result with this one. More importantly, there’s no possibility to have those unsightly knicks you get with a standard razor.

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We Placed The BaldiePro At The Top Of Our List: For Good Reason!

For men who shave their heads, nothing is as precious as having a clean and smooth appearance. After testing out the BaldiePro, it doesn’t have the other typical drawbacks that you commonly run into with other head shavers. We understand how important having a clean shave is for men, which is why we’ve thoughtfully placed BaldiePro at the top of our list. Here are just a few reasons below why BaldiePro is our #1 pick in 2022.

Long Lasting Blades For Many Shaves

Nobody wants to replace the blades in a head shaver often. With the BaldiePro, the blades will last for many shaves without needing to be replaced. This can save you a lot of money and frustration in the long run. Other ones we tested out seem to get dull, even with just a few shaves. The claim that BaldiePro can last up to 100 shaves without replacement blades certainly seems accurate here.

A Razor Built For Your Head- Not Anything Else

Unless you’ve shaved your head, then you realize the importance of having a razor that is made specifically for your head. With other shavers, you’ll find that they can shave other parts of your body just as easily as your head. This can lead to nicks and cuts in other areas if you’re not careful. The BaldiePro is designed solely for shaving your head bald. This means that you won’t have to worry about any other part of your body while using it. Other head shavers we’ve tried seem to focus on everything else, whether it’s facial grooming or massaging, while the BaldiePro does what you want it to do. Shave your head cleanly in just a few minutes

No Knicks, No Cuts- Just A Clean Shave

It seems like every time we use another shaver, we end up with knicks and cuts somewhere. This can be a real pain, especially if it’s on your head. Some other bald head razors can even make you break out in a rash if you’re not careful. With the BaldiePro, we never had to worry about any of these issues. You can easily go over the same areas multiple times without having to worry about nicks or cuts. This is due to the high-quality blades that are used in the BaldiePro. They are much sharper than other ones. You’ll also have the convenience of shaving wet or dry, and you can take your time. With up to 90 minutes of shave time, you’ll never have to worry about rushing through your shave again. Whether you’re running late for work or want to get ready for a date with your wife, you can shave your head quickly in no time.

Flexible Head For Hard-To-Reach Areas

The head on the BaldiePro is very flexible, which allows you to reach all the hard-to-reach areas on your head. An ergonomic design fits your hand and you can get the spaces behind your ears easily that are typically a challenge with other, larger head shavers. There are just enough blades to do the job effectively without compromising surface area that leaves spots unshaven.

Convenient Display Indicates Battery Life

You’ll never have to worry about being caught with a dead battery again. With the LED display, you can see how much juice is left in the BaldiePro before you need to recharge it. The amount of time the shaver has left is easily visible so you know exactly when you need to put it on the charger. It has a durable charging cable that can easily become part of your bathroom accessories to shave your head whenever you feel like it.

Feel Like You're At The Barber- Without Being There

Men can feel like the masters of their domains by having everything they need to get a clean-shaven head. The BaldiePro is equipped with everything you need to take on that task. It has SmoothShave Blade technology for baby-smooth skins. This shaver comes with precision clippers and several clipper guards to help with sideburns or even your beard. There are also some other nice features to provide a polished look. These include an exfoliation brush, nose and ear trimmer, and a convenient cleaning brush to keep your blades sharp every time.

There's No Other Bald Head Shaver Like It Available

We’ve carefully considered and tested all the factors that buyers would want when they are thinking about getting a bald head shaver. From our findings, we have discovered that the BaldiePro has the edge in nearly every category. From its sleek design to its powerful blades, the BaldiePro is one of the best bald head shavers on the market. If you’re looking for a new razor and want the best of the best, then don’t think twice. More men who want to have the power to shave their heads bald are choosing the BaldiePro. It’s one of the best ones for sale and it’s affordably priced to allow everybody the opportunity to have barber-like results without paying for it.

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